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Automated underwater object classification using optical imagery

PhD Thesis “Automated underwater object classification using optical imagery”   By Shihavuddin, A.S.M Supervised by Dr. Nuno Grácias, Dr. Rafael García   Abstract This thesis addresses the problem of automated underwater optical image characterization. Remote underwater optical sensing allows the collection and storage of vast amounts of data for which manual classification may take months. Supervised automated classification of such datasets can save time and resources and can also enable extraction of valuable information related to marine and geological research.


Computer-aided lesion detection and segmentation on breast ultrasound

Doctoral thesis “Computer-aided lesion detection and segmentation on breast ultrasound”   By Gerard Pons Rodríguez. Supervised by Joan Martí Bonmatí, Robert Martí Marly.   Abstract This thesis deals with the detection, segmentation and classification of lesions on sonography. The contribution of the thesis is the development of a new Computer-Aided Diagnosis (CAD) framework capable of detecting, segmenting, and classifying breast abnormalities on sonography automatically. Firstly, an adaption of a generic object detection method, Deformable Part Models (DPM), to detect lesions in sonography is proposed. The method uses a machine learning technique to learn a model based on Histogram of Oriented…


Alstom transporte and ViCOROB: partners again

ViCOROB and ALSTOM transporte keep on working together on a new project related to the 3D inspection of trains, using laser technologies. The main goal of the project is to be able to get tridimensional information of the high-speed trains in order to be able to inspect in real time the trains. It is necessary that the System is flexible enough as to be able to tune it in the future for further uses. The System should be modular and scalable to introduce, if necessary, new cameras and lasers according to the costumer requirements. The actual configuration includes 22 Photonfocus...
jornades automàtica

Best poster award on the XXXIV Edition of the Jornadas de Automática

Guillem Vallicrosa, PhD Student at ViCOROB, receives the best poster award for the research work “Realtime AUV Terrain Based Navigation with Octomap”. From the 4-6th of September 2013 took place the XXXIV edition of the Jornadas de Automática held in ETSEIAT and EET of the UPC campus in Terrassa (Barcelona). The department of Systems Engineering, Automatics and Industrial Informatics (ESAII) organize the workshop and they have been a meeting point for the industry and the university research in the field of the workshop. The new events incorporated in the program are the First Contest of flying robots at the UPC...

New Project: EUROFLEETS2

Furthermore, EUROFLEETS2 will undertake specific actions to consolidate research fleets’ organization, methodology and tools through operational initiatives (like virtual fleets) leading to more interoperable and cost effective European research fleets.   We are mainly involved in WorkPackage 12: Innovative technologies For Hydrid and Autonomous Underwater Systems. This work package aims to develop key technologies and innovative functions for underwater systems such as new Hybrid ROVs (HROVs). HROVs are already under development within the consortium between IFREMER and MARUM in another project, in link with the exploitation of the EUROFLEETS1 results (3D HDTV smart camera and smart optical electronics). Our main...

Quarta edició del VIBOT DAY

@vicorob El propassat  20 de juny del 2013 es va celebrar la quarta edició del Vibot day al Parc Científic i Tecnològic de la Universitat de Girona (UdG).  Enguany, més de setanta visitants entre estudiants, representants d’empreses i professors de les tres universitats organitzadores, van trepitjar les instal•lacions del Giroemprèn, edifici on es fer la trobada. El ViBOT Day és una activitat que ajuda als estudiants participants del màster a conèixer el mercat de treball i a crear una plataforma per facilitar-los la relació amb les empreses que operen dins del seu àmbit d’estudi. Els estudiants presenten el seu treball...

Assistim l’Oceans Business 2013

Del 9 al 11 d’abril del 2013 un equip de ViCOROB es va desplaçar fins a Sothampton (UK), seu de la Ocean Business, una de les fires més importants a nivell europeu destinada a mostrar les últimes novetats en el mòn de la tecnologia submarina. Amb representants d'arreu del món, la fira és un punt de trobada molt important per a conèixer les últimes actualitzacions en el mercat dels equipaments que porten els vehicles submarins desenvolupats pel grup. Other post