The direction of ViCOROB has defined the following quality policy, in order to document the positioning of our system of quality management:

1. Customers
  • Maximum satisfaction
  • Confidentiality of the projects
  • Optimization of business and marketing
2. Team
  • Motivation
  • Promoting of continuos improvement activities
3. Dissemination
  • Promotion of technological innovation
  • Dissemination of knowledge in universities
  • Presence in professional and technical publications
4. Environment
  • Successin research technology transfer and organization
  • Marketing the environment and respecting the environment

How to cooperate with us?

R & D contracts

We offer the possibility to develop projects tailored to company requirements, related to the lines of research conducted at ViCOROB.

Cooperation projects

For our industrial and/or institutional partners that have difficulties obtaining funding or for those who wish to apply for competitive funding, one way to cooperate is to search for projects in which the company and the research group have a shared interest.

Promoting the student’s Master thesis

Another way to start cooperation projects is the possibility for Master students to carry out in-company research projects tutored by researchers from the research group.

Specific consulting services

Researchers at ViCOROB offer consulting services to third parties related to their fields of knowledge, mainly:

  • Vision systems engineering applied to quality control
  • Automated manufacturing
  • Automation for food processing, transport
  • Medical imaging
  • Robotics and underwater imaging

Our Partners







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