Christian Mata defends his PhD thesis “Web-based Application for Medical Imaging Management”

The rapid growth of digital technology in medical fields during the last few years has increased the need for applications able to manage patient medical records, imaging tests, and chart information. Technologies related with digital database architectures, storage and transmission protocols, management of large volumes of data, and security are being improved every day, allowing the possibility of reading, analyzing, and even diagnosing a case far from the medical center where the information was acquired. Furthermore, the inclusion of web-based applications applied to the medical imaging field has growing demand over the last few years in the medical community. The…


Construint robots submarins al CIRS

Al llarg d’aquesta setmana té lloc el campus PRESUB on joves de tota la província venen a conèixer de primera mà com és un robot submarí i, és més, fins i tot en construeixen un! La iniciativa del departament d’Arquitectura i Tecnologia de Computadors de la UdG ja ha arribat a la tercera edició i està éssent tot un èxit.   L’objectiu bàsic d’aquests tallers és la realització d’activitats científico-tecnològiques de caire lúdic que resultin interessants i atractives que permetin incrementar el interès de la societat, i més concretament dels estudiants de secundària, per la tecnologia i que fomentin els…


Acollim a dos estudiants del Jove Campus de Recerca UdG 2015

En Pau Sagúe i l’Eloi Canals, tot i tenir 16 anys, ja són a la Universitat. La UdG va iniciar fa vuit anys el Jove Campus de Recerca, una acció de divulgació que permet acostar el mòn de l’educació superior i la recerca als estudiants de batxillerat. Durant el dia, en el marc de diferents formacions, tenen l’oportunitat de veure la Universitat per dins i, a més, dediquen 3 hores al dia a fer estades en grups de recerca.   Els grups de recerca els assignen un tutor que els dona suport en la realització dels seus treballs de recerca…


International Experience: Juan David Hernández

“Four months in the United States. Working with motion planning experts” In 2013, I started evaluating different alternatives for planning collision-free paths for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs). During such review, I decided to use the Open Motion Planning Library (OMPL), a C++ programming library that consists of many of state-of-the-art sampling-base planning algorithms, which is developed at Rice University, in Houston, Texas. For more than one year, I focused on understanding the most relevant methods and integrating them to our vehicles’ control architecture in Girona. As a result, GIRONA500 and, specially, SPARUS-II AUVs were able to conduct missions that required…

conference international

The experience to attend VISAPP and IAPR-MVA

In March and April, I had the opportunity to attend two different international conferences to present my work about 3D registration. The first one was the International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications (VISAPP) in Berlin. It was my first time in a conference and the experience was overwhelming. We were arround 300 participants exchanging our work in progress. It was a little bit difficult to manage the schedule because there were five different lines of presentations, and many interesting papers to see. Maybe my inexperience in conferences was the reason. The second conference was the IAPR International Conference…


ViBOT Day 2015 in Girona

The ViBOT day is an event that the Erasmus Mundus Master VIBOT organizes every year at the Scientific and Technological park at the University of Girona. In this occasion, it took place last 16th of June 2015 with the main goal of establishing a link between companies and graduate students.   Along the ViBOT day the students have the chance to present their work in front of a wide audience in which there are other students but also professors and companies. On the other hand, interested companies, present their job profiles as well as their activity to try attracting talent….


Collaboration between UdG and Surrey University

Oliver Diaz, postdoctoral researcher at ViCOROB, has been appointed as Visiting Academic Researcher in the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Science (University of Surrey, UK). For an initial period of 1 year, Dr Diaz will collaborate closely with the Surrey’s Biomedical Imaging group, lead by Dr Kevin Wells. This position will boost the collaboration between both parts and will allow further investigation of common research lines started in the past.   The Biomedical Imaging group is a multidisciplinary research group based at the Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing ( It focuses on medical imaging technologies (X-ray mammography, MRI,…


Underwater Vision and Robotics team organize IFAC NGCUV 2015 in Girona

From 28-30th of April 2015, Girona Underwater Vision and Robotics team moved to Hotel Carlemany to organize IFAC NGCUV 2015 conference. The event took place in the nice city of Girona and counted on more than 90 attendees from 22 different countries.   NGCUV goal is to show the latest investigations in Unmanned Underwater Vehicles as well as to promote the exchange of information and perspectives on the field’s current research. The Workshop brings together a diverse set of researchers who are jointly committed to foster the research and innovation in underwater robotics. The event series was initiated in 2003…

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