Tools for 3D Point Cloud Registration

Doctoral thesis “Tools for 3D Point Cloud Registration”   By Ferran Roure García Supervised by Dr. Joaquim Salvi Mas and Dr. Yago Diez Donoso   Abstract The interest of digitization of the real world has been growing over the years. Computers help us to make it possible and research in this field has intensified with the emergence of new technologies in the commercial world. Representing our environment in formats that computers can understand is an essential step in the development of this technology. One way to capture our world is using sensors that digitize the objects around us using mathematical…


Computer-aided diagnosis for prostate cancer using multi-parametric MRI

Doctoral thesis “Computer-aided diagnosis for prostate cancer using multi-parametric MRI.”   By Guillaume Lemaître   Supervised by Robert Martí Marly , Jordi Freixenet Bosch , Fabrice Meriaudeau   Abstract Prostate cancer (CaP) is the second most diagnosed cancer in men all over the world. CaP growth is characterized by two main types of evolution: (i) the slow-growing tumours progress slowly and usually remain confined to the prostate gland; (ii) the fast-growing tumours metastasize from prostate gland to other organs, which might lead to incurable diseases. Therefore, early diagnosis and risk assessment play major roles in patient treatment and follow-up. In…


Clinical decision support for screening, diagnosis and assessment of respiratory diseases: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease as a use case.

Doctoral thesis ” Clinical decision support for screening, diagnosis and assessment of respiratory diseases: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease as a use case.“   By Filip Velickovski   Supervised by Dr. Robert Martí Marly / Dr. Luigi Ceccaroni       Abstract   Clinical decision support systems (CDSS), which aim to provide healthcare staff with patient specific advice, can enhance the level of care delivered to citizens by offering access to advanced medical knowledge in non-specialist healthcare settings. The work presented in this thesis adapts, refines and contributes to methodologies in applied clinical decision support research, through a concrete use-case of Chronic…


Automated methods on Magnetic Resonance Brain Imaging in Multiple Sclerosis

Doctoral thesis “Automated methods on Magnetic Resonance Brain Imaging in Multiple Sclerosis”   By Eloy Roura Pérez   Supervised by Xavier Lladó Bardera , Arnau Oliver Malagelada   Abstract Nowadays, medical imaging is one of the most important tools for doctors when studying the human body. Given the wide variety of images, the information provided, and the huge amount of research and clinical practice performed around the world, we could say that medical imaging has become a new science. The imaging techniques used depend mainly on the part of the body and the disease studied, in order to better appreciate the…


Automated brain tissue segmentation of magnetic resonance images in multiple sclerosis

Doctoral thesis “Automated brain tissue segmentation of magnetic resonance images in multiple sclerosis”   By Sergi Valverde Supervised by Dr. Arnau Oliver, Dr. Xavier Lladó   Abstract Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is the most common chronic immune-mediated disabling neurological disease affecting the central nervous system, in which the insulating covers of the nerve cells in the spinal chord and brain are damaged. MS is characterized by the presence of lesions in the brain, predominantly in the white matter (WM) tissue of the brain. Due to the sensitivity of structural Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) disseminating WM lesions in time and space, it…


An approach to melanoma classification exploiting polarization information

Doctoral thesis “An approach to melanoma classification exploiting polarization information”   By Rastgoo, Mojdeh Supervised by García Campos, Rafael; Marzani, Frank; Morel, Olivier   Abstract Malignant melanoma is the deadliest of skin cancers and causes the majority of deaths in comparison to other skin-related malignancies. Yet it is the most treatable type of cancer, thanks to its early diagnosis. Subsequently, early diagnosis is crucial for patient survival rate and numerous Computer-Aided Diagnosis (CAD) systems have been proposed by the research community to assist dermatologists in early diagnosis. These systems are based on the most common skin imaging modality, cross-polarized dermoscopy….


Former ViBOT student Chee Sing Lee defends his PhD Thesis

This thesis focuses on the problem of SLAM, in particular feature-based SLAM, where a mobile autonomous vehicle explores an unknown environment, navigating by observing landmarks. As the environment is previously unexplored, SLAM algorithms must estimate the location of the landmarks in addition to the location of the vehicle. The majority of research in feature-based SLAM builds on the legacy of foundational work using the Extended Kalman Filter (EKF), a single-object estimation technique. Because feature-based SLAM is an inherently multi-object problem, this has led to a number of suboptimalities in popular solutions. We hypothesize that a feature based SLAM algorithm derived…


Christian Mata defends his PhD thesis “Web-based Application for Medical Imaging Management”

The rapid growth of digital technology in medical fields during the last few years has increased the need for applications able to manage patient medical records, imaging tests, and chart information. Technologies related with digital database architectures, storage and transmission protocols, management of large volumes of data, and security are being improved every day, allowing the possibility of reading, analyzing, and even diagnosing a case far from the medical center where the information was acquired. Furthermore, the inclusion of web-based applications applied to the medical imaging field has growing demand over the last few years in the medical community. The…

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