Vicorob’s people

An interview with Soumya Ghose

Soumya Ghose, Senior Research Associate, Case Western Reserve University   I am a senior research associate in the biomedical engineering group at Case Western Reserve University. My research primarily involves risk stratification, diagnosis and prognosis prediction of prostate cancer patients from medical images and other clinical information using machine learning, segmentation and registration methods   Can you tell us what do you do in your daily work? I am primarily involved in code development in the HPC environment, writing papers and NIH grants for our group.   Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time? (in professional terms) I…

An interview with Luca Zappella

Luca Zappella, Researcher, Apple Inc.   I studied computer science in Italy, worked for a few years then I came across this new masters called VIBOT. I did not think twice and applied. After the VIBOT I did my Ph.D. at the University of Girona with Xavi Llado and Joaquim Salvi. Once I got my Ph.D. I did a couple of years of postdoc at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. I then decided to move to an industry setting and started working as researcher at Metaio (Augmented Reality). Currently I am working in an artificial intelligence research team at Apple Inc….

An interview with Yago

Yago Díez, Associate Professor, Faculty of Science, Yamagata University (Yamagata, Japan)   I studied Mathematics and then did a PhD in another group at Girona university in Computational Geometry. I worked at ViCOROB as a PostDoc both in Computer Vision and Medical Imaging. In October 2015, I moved to Japan to join a Robotics project as an Assistant Professor in Tohoku University (Sendai), in November 2017 I changed to my current position in Yamagata University.   Can you tell us what do you do in your daily work? I am part of a data science department that is being formed….

International experience: Life in HWU

Patryk Cieślak, a postdoc who was awarded a Marie Skłodowska-Curie -Curie Individual Fellowship to join the University of Girona is working at the CIRS laboratory, under the supervision of Pere Ridao, to enable underwater intervention with a sense of touch. He is using our flagship vehicle Girona500 equipped with an electric manipulator and a force/torque sensor to demonstrate missions requiring control of interaction forces between the robot and the environment. One of the scenarious that he tackles is the inspection of underwater pipes, which is highly relevant to the industry. The expected experimental results will move foreward the state of…

Laser 3D Sense Technology towards the market

The Laser 3D scanner technology developed and patented by the University of Girona is one step beyond the state of the art of underwater 3D perception. It is the result of a PhD thesis in Underwater Robotics and 3D Perception done by Albert Palomer and tutored by Pere Ridao, Josep Forest and David Ribas that will be soon defended.   L3S, as an easy to integrate system, will allow the end user to gather online 3D information of a target scene from a moving vehicle at a resolution where the objects can clearly be identified. Moreover, it will also allow…

SOUNDTILES technology presented at Oceanology International London

At ViCOROB, we do research on Underwater Vision and Robotics. One of the developed technologies in the last years, currently being valorized in the context of SOUNDTILES project (Ref.: 2016 PROD 00130) consists on the development of a tool for automatic processing of sonar mosaics, a breakthrough in the current technologies available commercially.   Natàlia Hurtós presented this technology in front of a commercial audience in the most important fair of underwater technologies, Oceanology International, that took place in London (UK). In the same event, ViCOROB team had the chance to meet with industry key actors, like the American company SoundMetrics.  …

Wishing you the best for 2017

ViCOROB wants to wish you Happy Holidays and Happy New Year…:) This year we felt like going handcrafted / recycled to make our Christmas Greetings… The result is here, we hope you enjoy it! We will be closed from December the 23th to  January  the 6th  2017.     Des de ViCOROB us volem desitjar Bones Festes  i Feliç Any Nou 2017. Aquest any ens em sentit creatius, alhora de fer la nostra felicitació de Nadal… Aquest és el resultat, esperem el disfriteu!! Us recordem que, durant aquestes vacances (23 desembre a 6 de gener), restarem tancats.    

Egyptian PhD student at VICOROB: Mostafa Salem

I’m Mostafa Salem, the Egyptian PhD student at VICOROB. I have had a fund from the Egyptian government to get my PhD from any country all over the world. Actually, I like the medical imaging area of research, specially Brain MRI MS Lesion detection. I searched about the universities and Labs that are interested in this area and I found VICOROB at UdG in Girona, Catalunya. They are working in the state of the art in many branches of medical imaging.   Really, I like Catalunya so much because of its Barcelona football team. Girona is a good city which…