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International Experience: Ferran Roure

These last three month were different. The past 23th of September I took the plane to London to spend the last part of the year working at UCL (University College of London). Located at the center of London, UCL is one of the main European universities (with more than 30000 students and up to 6000 researchers). With professor Niloy Mitra I began an interesting project about applying 3D registration methods for environment reconstruction. The main idea is apply these methods to rescue robots in order to achieve good 3D reconstructions without any sensor or extra information.        …

Vicorob participates in the ECTRIMS Congress in Barcelona

This year, the European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ECTRIMS) has celebrated the 31st edition here in Barcelona. This is an annual Multiple Sclerosis  international conference where all the biggest research groups from both medical and image research fields show up, thus it makes this event an perfect place to do networking, learn which are the latest news on the topic, and obviously promote the latest contributions of the research to the society.     The brain medical image team in VICOROB has attended it with a great participation, presenting four posters with the results of the…


Welcome to SPARUSII AUV!

SPARUS II AUV was born in CIRS lab last October. The vehicle is the 7th member of ViCOROB underwater vehicles fleet. SPARUS II AUV is an autonomous underwater vehicle with a torpedo shape and is an evolution of the prototype SPARUS AUV, which was developed on 2010. As new features, it has a large payload area in its font and has more technological elements which have been developed in the lab, for instance, its thrusters or the vision systems. You can get to know better SPARUS II AUV on twitter and youtube.


ViCOROB: fem 20 anys!

El grup de recerca ViCOROB, format per una seixantena de persones, treballa en projectes d’interès científic, empresarial i social. Les seves activitats es desenvolupen a l’Escola Politècnica Superior (EPS) i al Parc Científic i Tecnològic de la UdG. Va ser fundat el 1993 pel doctor Joan Batlle “amb molt poc finançament”, asseguren els actuals responsables, i amb el suport de Xevi Cufí i Joan Martí, que ara són professors de la institució. Durant aquests vint anys, la trajectòria del grup ha evolucionat exponencialment i s’ha dotat d’un prestigi dins i fora de la UdG. El 2012 van ingressar 1,2 milions…