3D Perception

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The 3D perception line has a wide experience in camera modelling and camera calibration which also includes the computation of the intrinsic and extrinsic camera parameters. The study of the epipolar geometry through the estimation of the fundamental matrix is also a key point in the research interests of the lab. Contributions have been done in movement estimation by means of the differential epipolar geometry. The main application is in the field of mobile robot navigation by means of stereo vision especially solving the so-called Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) using video cameras.


Structured light projection as a technique to solve the correspondence problem but also to get 3D information from an unknown surface has been also widely studied. The lab has experience in designing coded light patterns which ease image processing preserving a high accuracy and robustness against noise. The projecting devices used are based on digital video projectors with contributions in active visual servoing; and laser emitters with contributions in laser scanning and omnidrectional vision. Some of the applications are in the fields of camera localization and positioning, 3D object acquisition, rapid prototyping, mould fabrication and supply-chain visual inspection.


Research areas

3D Adquisition systems

Surface and 3D registration

Machine vision


In addition, we offer companies our services and the quality of our technology through ViCOROB spinoffs:


Coronis Computing

Coronis Computing

Operates in the field of medical imagingoffering developments in computer vision and automatic learning.



Develops and markets 3D model acquisition and processing that allows 100% high speed inspection for the computer vision machine industry
http:// www.aqsense.com