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Intelligent Underwater Robot for Blue Carbon Inventorying

UW vision and Robotics

Intelligent Underwater Robot for Blue Carbon Inventorying

Project reference: CNS2023-144688
Funding: € 310.529
Period: 01/04/2024 – 31/03/2026
Researcher: Dr. Nuno Gracias

The IURBI project will develop an intelligent AUV capable of constructing side-scan sonar (SSS) maps and analyzing them to “understand” the type of seafloor it is mapping in real-time. Instead of running a predefined mission, the robot will replan its trajectory based on the collected data, modifying the mission “on-the-fly” to achieve its objectives.
This intelligent behavior will be based on previous experience in real-time mission replanning and will be demonstrated using two alternate behaviors: (A) SSS mapping at 10 meters altitude, and (B) optical image validation using the dual-camera system. Thus, the IURBI project will develop and demonstrate adaptive intelligent topography capabilities, implementing them in the Girona-1000 AUV, to map large seafloor areas.

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