Tech Transfer

Members of the TECNIO network

The TECNIO certification was created by the Government of Catalonia, to identify differential applied technology suppliers and facilitators.

Supports the most qualified agents involved in technology transfer processes.

Allows companies to access advanced R&D and develop new products and services.

Increases the scope of technology projects by finding the most suitable technology partners & suppliers.

Helps raise your competitiveness and technological innovation capacities.

Technologies portfolio

Design and development of tailored novel solutions for industry


  • Image acquisition: design, Calibration and Prototyping of: Structured light/laser systems and Stereo/Monocular systems
  • Registration of both grid and non-rigid 3D point clouds
  • Geometric fitting for metrology applications
  • Point cloud data processing for machine vision


Data processing of underwater images


  • Creation of 2D Photomosaics
  • Creation of 3D Photomosaics
  • Sonar Mosaicing


Design and development of specific underwater components

Collaboration between the university and the industry

Paths to cooperation


  • R&D contracts and consultancy for specific industrial needs
  • Participation in cooperation projects (H2020, Retos Colaboración, NUCLIS, Innotec,…)
  • Industrial Masters / PhD projects