Creative Methods for successful inclusion in multicultural Schools

The last meeting of the Erasmus+ project SEDIN took place the 29th November in Lesbos, Greece. The project is coordinated by the Action Synergy, from Greece with a multi-disciplinar team of researchers from UdigitalEdu research group and 7 other partners from Italy, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Belgium and Ireland. The main objective of the project is to facilitate the social inclusion of children with refugee / migrant or minority background in their school environment by supporting teachers and educators that are teaching in multicultural schools throughout the implementation of creative methods of learning: Montessori and Creative Learning Method.


In order to present the results in a wider public, on the 30th it was organized a final conference in which was presented the two project methods and each partner explained how the project was implemented. At the end of the event, some teachers that participated during the teacher training explained their experience while implementing the methods in their schools. More than 80 teachers attended at the conference. Overall it was a great opportunity for the project to reach a wider number of teachers and disseminate the project results.

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