Vicorob coordinates Two Erasmus Mundus Masters Programs in Robotics and Underwater Technologies

Vicorob Research Group is coordinating two Erasmus Mundus masters programs, the MAIA Master in Medical Imaging and Applications and the IFROS Master in Intelligent Field Robotic Systems. These programs provide an incredible opportunity for students to study in multiple countries, access a diverse network of international students, and obtain a…

Doctoral Thesis: Deep learning methods for extraction of neuroimage markers in the prognosis of brain pathologies

By Albert Clèrigues Garcia Supervised by Dr. Xavier Lladó / Dr. Arnau Oliver / Dr. Sergi Valverde   Abstract This PhD thesis focuses on improving the extraction of neuroimage markers for the prognosis and outcome prediction of neurological pathologies such as ischemic stroke, Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and multiple sclerosis (MS)….

Doctoral Thesis: Underwater 3D Sensing using Structured Light: Development of an Underwater Laser Scanner and a Non-Rigid Point Cloud Registration Method

By Miguel Castillón Sánchez Supervised by Dr.Pere Ridao Rodríguez / Dr. Josep Forest Collado   Abstract Accurate underwater 3D perception is essential to advance towards the automation of expensive, dangerous and/or time-consuming tasks, such as the inspection, maintenance and repair of off-shore industrial sites. Accurate underwater 3D sensors can potentially have…