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Red Nacional de Automática: Red Automática ES.

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Red Nacional de Automática: Red Automática ES.

Institution:Carlos Balaguer (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid).14 Universidades y Centros de Investigación españoles.
Program:Acciones de Dinamización “Redes de Investigación” Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades.
Code: RED2018-102688-T. IP.

National Network in Automatica (AutomaticaES) aims to joint the efforts of its research groups, grouped in the Spanish Automation Committee (CEA). AutomaticaES network aims to promote new activities that allow the search for synergies and the consolidation of the research results of the member groups. The search for innovative applications of Automation is promoted, as well as the internationalization through collaboration with scientific societies and participation in European programs.

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