Vicorob participates in the ECTRIMS Congress in Barcelona

This year, the European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ECTRIMS) has celebrated the 31st edition here in Barcelona. This is an annual Multiple Sclerosis  international conference where all the biggest research groups from both medical and image research fields show up, thus it makes this event an perfect place to do networking, learn which are the latest news on the topic, and obviously promote the latest contributions of the research to the society.     The brain medical image team in VICOROB has attended it with a great participation, presenting four posters with the results of the…


L’equip de la Universitat de Girona guanya el Grand Challenge de la competició europea de robòtica euRathlon 2015

L’equip integrat per la Universitat de Girona (UdG) en la part marina, Cobham d’Ostfildern (Alemanya) en la terrestre i ISEP/INESC TEC Aerial Robotics de Porto (Portugal) en la aèria, van guanyar el Grand Challenge de la competició de robòtica europea euRathlon.   L’euRathlon és la primera competició de robòtica internacional on robots terrestres, aeris i marins cooperen en un escenari realista per tal de desenvolupar i testejar la tecnologia enfocada a la preparació per a fer front a una situació catastròfica (terratrèmol, explosió,…). La competició, inspirada en l’actuació de rescat que es va fer després del desastre de Fukushima, aquest…

MAIA master

La Universitat de Girona generarà a partir del curs que ve nous professionals de la imatge mèdica

La Universitat de Girona (UdG) aconsegueix el seu primer màster conjunt europeu coordinat dins el programa Erasmus +. Es tracta del MAIA – Master in Medical Imaging and Applications, promogut des de l’Institut en Visió per Computador i Robòtica (ViCOROB) amb el professorat del departament d’Arquitectura i Tecnologia de Computadors (ATC) de l’Escola Politècnica Superior (EPS). Aquest projecte de màster Erasmus + s’engloba perfectament dins la política d’internacionalització dels màsters de la UdG.   Als estudis, coordinats des de la UdG, hi participen dues universitats més: la Université de la Bourgogne (França) i la Universitá de Cassino (Itàlia). El programa…


We attend the second Annual Catalan Meeting on Computer Vision

The second Annual Catalan Meeting on Computer Vision (ACMCV) was held on the 18th of September in Universitat Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona. ACMCV was created with the aim of strengthen the network between computer vision researchers in Catalunya. As it is well known, Catalunya has a large community working in the computer vision field, both in the industry and the academia. Thus, this meeting is intended to get to know the people working in the field as well as their recent developments.   The event contained several activities, including a poster session, where the four members of Vicorob (Nuno Gracias,…

morph project

FP7 European Project MORPH: Demonstration of Cutting Edge Co-operative Underwater Robotics System in the Azores

From 31 August to 11 September 2015, the Center of IMAR of the University of the Azores is hosting the final demonstration of a new type of robotics-based distributed sensor system, aimed at affording marine scientists and commercial operators a revolutionary tool for marine habitat mapping in complex underwater 3D environments. The trials form the ultimate project demonstration of the EC research project MORPH, entitled Marine Robotic System of Self-Organising, Logically Linked Physical Nodes.   Launched in February 2012, the 4-year research project MORPH is funded by the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme and Industry with a budget of 8,5…


We attend to a workshop on anthropomorphic phantoms

Last week, seventeen European experts in medical physics, including ViCOROB’s member Oliver Díaz, attended to a workshop on anthropomorphic phantoms at the Technical University of Varna (Bulgaria). This course corresponds to the fifth module of the series EUTEMPE·RX (European Training and Education for Medical Physics Experts in Radiology).   For a week, all participants learnt to implement realistic computer models which resemble anatomical structures, organs or whole human body. These model are very useful to investigate image quality, patient dose or assess new imaging technologies without using radiation. Furthermore, the attendees had the opportunity to print out their own breast…


Former ViBOT student Chee Sing Lee defends his PhD Thesis

This thesis focuses on the problem of SLAM, in particular feature-based SLAM, where a mobile autonomous vehicle explores an unknown environment, navigating by observing landmarks. As the environment is previously unexplored, SLAM algorithms must estimate the location of the landmarks in addition to the location of the vehicle. The majority of research in feature-based SLAM builds on the legacy of foundational work using the Extended Kalman Filter (EKF), a single-object estimation technique. Because feature-based SLAM is an inherently multi-object problem, this has led to a number of suboptimalities in popular solutions. We hypothesize that a feature based SLAM algorithm derived…


Out on holidays

It is time to rest, we are going out of the office for a few days !!! More precisely, from the 1st to the 31st of August. Take your time to rest, play, travel, swim…in short, enjoy the summer and try to recover your batteries for the return. See you again from the 1st of September!!   Toca descansar, ens n’anem durant uns dies!!!  En concret de l’1 d’agost al 31. Aprofiteu per descansar, jugar, viatjar, banyar-se a la platja o la piscina….en definitiva fer tot allò que us vingui de gust!! I carregar piles per la tornada. Ens veiem…

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