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With less than a year left to conclude the ASSURE project, a party of 6 people from ViCOROB met with the rest of partners on the 12th and 13th of January at Copenhagen. Despite the cold and strong gusts of wind we all endured, the meeting was a success as shown by the positive feedback given by an European reviewer present. Also during the meeting, updated overviews of all 10 work-packages were presented. Furthermore, the event was used to run several discussion groups about screening with breast ultrasound and breast magnetic resonance, as well as to discuss on how to…

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ViCOROB wants to wish you Happy Holidays and Happy New Year…:) We will be closed from December the 24th to  January  the 6th  2015.   Des de ViCOROB us volem desitjar Bones Festes  i Feliç Any Nou 2015 i us recordem que, durant aquestes vacances (23 desembre a 6 de gener), restarem tancats.

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The Spanish Consulate in Romania invites Prof. Rafael Garcia to UPT

The Spanish Consulate in Romania invites Prof. Rafael Garcia for a speech in the Politechnic University of Timisoara (UPT). The invitation is part of the Spanish Culture week in the city. As part of the visit, Prof. Garcia will conduct several meetings with representatives of the UPT to explore further cooperation between UTP and UdG. We want to use this channel to thank the UPT and the Spanish Consulate for their invitation.


UdigitalEdu participa en un projecte de Cooperació de la UdG a l’Índia

Inventors4Change ( vol proporcionar als nens les eines, les tècniques i els coneixements que els permetin dissenyar els canvis que volen veure en el món. Consisteix en una xarxa d’escoles i organitzacions que utilitzen les tecnologies d’aprenentatge creatiu i eines digitals per fomentar la invenció basada en l’aprenentatge col·laboratiu entre els nens de diferents països. El projecte es centra especialment en els nens de les comunitats més desafavorides, que proposen invencions inspirades en els desafiaments de desenvolupament humà. Des del 30 d’octubre i fins el 16 de desembre l’Eduard Muntaner està portant a terme un  nombre molt important de tallers…

Open PhD positions in Image Analysis Lab

( CLOSED ) 2 PhD Studentships in Computer Vision (Multiple Sclerosis biomarkers in MRI) in the Computer Vision and Robotics group. University of Girona Girona, Spain Fixed term appointments for 3 years. PhD Studentships: Salary of 14500 euros per annum Starting date: February 2015 We have 2 exciting new positions available within the Computer Vision and Robotics (VICOROB) Group of the Department of Computer Architecture and Technology. Detailed information about the research group can be found at These research positions are associated with a new project which aims at developing image processing and computer vision techniques in the medical…


La Fundació Marató de TV3 financia el projecte d’imatge mèdica

Estudis recents han demostrat que mesures obtingudes a través de les imatges de ressonància magnètica (RM) poden ser útils per a predir l’evolució clínica de l’esclerosi múltiple (EM), tant en termes d’història clínica com en termes de resposta als tractaments. Aquestes mesures inclouen la presència de noves lesions així com la pèrdua de volum cerebral en estudis longitudinals de RM. Tot i això, per tal de transferir aquests estudis d'investigació a la pràctica clínica diària es requereix de tecnologies i eines informàtiques no disponibles en l'actualitat, capaces de proporcionar mesures precises i robustes de l'atròfia i de l’evolució de les...
Tali Hurtós

Tali Hurtós defends her PhD thesis: “Forward-Looking Sonar Mosaicing for Underwater Environments”

Vehicle operations in underwater environments are frequently compromised by poor visibility conditions. The perception range of optical devices is heavily constrained in turbid waters, thus often complicating navigation and mapping tasks in environments such as harbors, bays, or rivers. A new generation of high-frequency forward-looking sonars that provide acoustic imagery at near-video frame rates have recently emerged as a promising alternative for working under these challenging conditions. In this thesis, we propose an end-to-end mosaicing framework tailored to the characteristics of forward-looking sonar imagery in order to build consistent overviews of planar underwater areas regardless of water visibility. Our solution…

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Onur Ganiler defends his PhD thesis: “Automated detection of new Multiple Sclerosis lesions in longitudinal brain magnetic resonance imaging”

  This thesis deals with the detection of new multiple sclerosis (MS) lesions in longitudinal brain magnetic resonance (MR) imaging. This disease is characterized by the presence of lesions in the brain, predominantly in the white matter (WM) tissue of the brain. The detection and quantification of new lesions are crucial to follow-up MS patients. Moreover, the manual detection of these new lesions is not only time-consuming, but is also prone to intra- and inter-observer variability. Therefore, the development of automated techniques for the detection MS lesions is a major challenge. After a thorough analysis of the state-of-the art in…

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