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Vicorob’s people: Liliana is a Colombian PhD student in medical imaging

November 9, 2022

She came to VICOROB in the second year of the MAIA master. Now, at 32 years old, Liliana is in the 3rd year of her Ph.D.


Her career started in Cali, Colombia, where she graduated as a biomedical engineer in 2014 from the Universidad Autónoma de Occidente. Afterward, Liliana was working in a large hospital where she was in charge of device management.


In 2017, Liliana joined the Erasmus Mundus master in Medical Imaging and Applications (MAIA) doing her studies at the University of Burgundy – France, the University of Cassino – Italy- and the University of Girona -Spain-. When she got to Girona in 2018, she joined the administrative staff of MAIA master being a student at the same time. Liliana decided to stay in VICOROB group, with the medical analysis team, for her master’s thesis related to brain segmentation. The thesis was directed by Prof. Xavier Lladó. Once she finished the master’s program, Liliana decided that she wanted to stay longer in Girona and go for a Ph.D. with the same team she was working with during the master’s thesis.


Since 2019, Liliana is being working on her Ph.D. dedicated to synthesizing brain magnetic resonances using Artificial Intelligence. Her main interest is to work on strategies that can be used in clinical practices and especially in the pipelines developed by the research team in Multiple Sclerosis. She participated in the European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis –ECTRIMS– congress in 2021 with a poster related to the evaluation of the synthetic images in Multiple Sclerosis pipelines. Recently, together with the lab team, she published an article about this work in the Brain Imaging Methods journal.


In parallel to her Ph.D., Liliana is working with tensormedical. A spin-off from the group led by Sergi Valverde.

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