Rafael Garcia gives a talk in Vigo University on the development of technology for underwater exploration

Marine habitats play an important role in the understanding and management of ocean resources. The development of technology for underwater exploration is essential for the monitoring of these areas sensitive to environmental changes or pollution, but also for coastal development and management plans for marine protected areas. However, such exploration faces serious difficulties, mainly due to the intrinsic hostility of the underwater environment.


The advances of recent years in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence allow us to develop robots that are becoming more autonomous and allow us to process a greater amount of data in an automated way. These advances will enable us in the future to move towards a scalable solution to the problem of access to infrastructures for ocean observation, by means of cheaper robot fleets with greater observation and intervention capabilities.


In this presentation, Rafael Garcia described the work being carried out at the University of Girona for the development of technology for the exploration of the seabed.


Photo: @Cat_JorgeJuan



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