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7th ViBOT DAY takes place in Girona

The ViBOT day is an event that the Erasmus Mundus Master VIBOT organizes every year at the Scientific and Technological park at the University of Girona. In this occasion, it took place last 19th of June 2014 with the main goal of establishing a link between companies and graduate students….



Yesterday, through ViBOT website, the organizing comitee of this ERASMUS MUNDUS MASTER VIBOT promoted by the University of Bourgogne, Heriot Watt University and University of Girona, announced the accepted students for the new generation as well as the granted ones.   In the coming days, each candidate will receive an…

Quarta edició del VIBOT DAY

@vicorob El propassat  20 de juny del 2013 es va celebrar la quarta edició del Vibot day al Parc Científic i Tecnològic de la Universitat de Girona (UdG).  Enguany, més de setanta visitants entre estudiants, representants d’empreses i professors de les tres universitats organitzadores, van trepitjar les instal•lacions del Giroemprèn,...