EU Research and Industry meet at EMRA Limerick

EU workshop on EU-funded Marine Robotics and Applications (EMRA) has taken place in Limerick (Ireland). Organized on the framework of EXCELLABUST and EUMR H2020 projects, the event is a perfect occasion to put together researchers and industry and establish and enhance relations between them. EMRA has been organized by the University of Limerick Center of Robotics and Intelligent Systems.


The two-day single-track conference program included more than twenty speakers with plenty of time for discussions and networking. Presentations from ongoing EU-funded research projects mixed with presentations from industry, policy makers and end-users. A dedicated space was provided for exhibits and demonstrations.


Patryk Cieslak presented his results on the 3D-AUV project for the first year. And Josep Quintana, former ViCOROB member, presented ROBUST project, where his current company Coronis Computing is participating.


Next year, EMRA is going to take place in Toulon (France) hosted by one of the most important research centers in Europe, IFREMER.


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